Eyenavision Introduces Chemistrie Color

Eyenavision Introduces Chemistrie Color

Eyenavision Introduces Chemistrie Color: Color Blind Lens Solutions


PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (November 11, 2020) – Eyenavision, Inc., a company focused on providing innovative products to the optical industry, announces the introduction of Chemistrie Color, a new lens for those who suffer from color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency (CVD).

Chemistrie Color is unique in both its advanced technical design and its versatility as custom-made clip-ons, ready-made glasses, and uncut lenses. The lenses are designed using an artificial intelligence (AI) model created particularly to model the vision of CVD patients. Chemistrie Color technology was developed by HUE.AI, a leader in optical lens development for CVD patients. Eyenavision is providing the patent-pending lenses to the optical industry under a long-term license
with HUE.AI.

Chemistrie Color lenses are available in three formulations: an outdoor stronger lens for severe CVD, a moderate outdoor for less severe CVD, and a lightly tinted indoor lens. Each of these lens designs are available to eye care professionals (ECPs) as three different products types: an ultrathin Chemistrie clip custom made to fit any frame, a ready-made pair of glasses, or as plano uncut lenses. This will provide independent ECPs the flexibility required to meet the need of their CVD
patients. Eyenavision will provide ECPs with a specialty display that features all three lens formulations, along with samples of the ready-made frame product and Chemistrie Clip. Additionally, by providing uncut Chemistrie Color lenses, ECPs with in-office finishing will be able to edge and insert CVD lenses into any frame from their inventory. Like the entire Chemistrie product line, Chemistrie Color was created as an additional product to support the independent ECP.

Eyenavision’s CEO, Joe Zewe commented, “Chemistrie Color is the perfect addition to the patented Chemistrie Clip system. We believe an on-demand application is the preferred option for those with CVD who also wear prescription lenses. For those who do not wear prescription glasses, our readymade sunglass style is an excellent choice.” Mr. Zewe further explained, “Chemistrie Color represents our commitment to providing innovative products to the independent ECP. We pride ourselves on utilizing technology and thinking outside of the box when it comes to our expansive product lines. In conjunction with the initial launch of Chemistrie Color to our ECP network, we will be rolling out the product to our network of labs that currently fabricate Chemistrie Clips.”

Justin Fong, CEO of HUE.AI commented, “Our research team has spent several years perfecting the design and formulations used in Chemistrie Color and believe this represents the optimal solution for those with CVD. We look forward to using our artificial intelligence to develop additional technologies in sunwear, spectacles, contact lenses, and more.”

Chemistrie Color is the first of several new products that Eyenavision is set to launch in late 2020 and early 2021. The company is committed to serving the independent optical community by offering products that create additional business and support for independent ECPs.

About Eyenavision Inc.: Eyenavision Inc. is the developer of innovative consumer products for the independent optical industry. Under the brand name Chemistrie, Eyenavision is best known for their patented clip-on that attaches through the use of magnets embedded in the lenses.