The magic of three-dimensional entertainment is closer than ever with Chemistrie 3D lenses. 3D is everywhere – from your local movie theater, to the world’s most popular theme parks, to your home television! But trying to wear those bulky 3D glasses over your own prescription glasses can make going to see a 3D movie awkward and uncomfortable, until now. Chemistrie 3D lenses are portable, convenient, and the perfect accessory for entertainment aficionados.

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The Future of 3D

Chemistrie 3D lenses work just like the disposable 3D glasses you get at movie theaters and theme parks: 3D media is projected onto a screen through polarized filters, or in the case of digital 3D, digitally polarized. When this media is viewed through 3D polarized lenses, like Chemistrie 3D, each eye sees the same image, from a slightly different perspective, creating the illusion of three-dimensional visuals.

Unlike disposable 3D glasses, Chemistrie 3D lenses attach directly on to your prescription glasses with the snap of a magnet! Each pair is custom-fit, made to your exact prescription, and crafted from ultra-lightweight lens material, meaning they’re built for performance and comfort. Due to differing 3D technologies, Chemistrie 3D does not work in IMAX or Dolby Cinema 3D. Additionally, these lenses will only work on circular polarized 3D video, not active 3D which requires special active shutter glasses or goggles.

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If you’ve made the investment in a 3D home television, or simply enjoy seeing 3D movies at the theater, Chemistrie 3D lenses are convenient, comfortable, and always easy to use. This lens layer is optimized for viewing movies and media that utilize a RealD polarized 3D system, like movie theaters, screens and televisions that utilize passive 3D technology, widely available on modern LCD and LED TVs.


Chemistrie 3D lenses utilize the Chemistrie Magnetic Layering System: small magnets are embedded in the lenses of a patient’s prescription glasses. This allows the 3D lenses to be attached and detached with the snap of a magnet. Compared to old-fashioned clip-ons, Chemistrie lenses are long-lasting, easy to use, and extremely lightweight.

Each pair of Chemistrie 3D lenses are custom-made to the exact shape, size, and base curve of a customer’s prescription glasses.

Customization Options

Chemistrie 3D is available in various color options for the bridge, magnets, and crystals:

  • 5 titanium bridge colors
  • 3 magnet colors
  • 12 crystal colors (permanent or magnetic)