Chemistrie Blue

Chemistrie Blue is the patented blue light computer clip from Eyenavision. Designed to deflect a portion of the high-energy blue light emitted by computers, smartphones and tablets, Chemistrie Blue lenses are a portable, high-tech screen-time solution. These custom-made lens clips can be added to any pair of prescription eyeglasses utilizing our patented magnetic lens layering system. Chemistrie Blue is available as a custom-made Chemistrie Clip, an uncut plano lens for in-house edging, and a pair of ready-made plano glasses for patients who do not require vision correction.

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Powers from +0.50 to +2.00

A Modern Screen Time Solution

According to the Vision Council, nearly 70% of adults experience Digital Eye Strain from long hours spent in front of a screen, which can cause blurred vision, headaches, and fatigue. However, it’s no secret that screens are inseparable from our modern lives, at school, at work, and at home.

Using our patented Chemistrie lens layering system, Chem Blue Clips instantly attach and detach from any pair of glasses, so you can attach them when needed, and easily store them when you don’t.  Available in both plano and powered reading lenses, Chemistrie Blue is the perfect solution for those who require reading magnification and want to avoid the constant head-tilting progressive lens wearers experience in the search of the elusive “intermediate zone” magnification required for optimal computer viewing. 


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Lens Material

Chemistrie Blue lens layers utilize a unique AR coating which helps reduce the overall transmission of light from 380nm to 450nm.  Made from the lens material Hi-Vex, Chemistrie Blue lenses are ultra-thin, thereby reducing the weight of clip. Hi-Vex is an optical quality lens material with an ABBE value of 46. Chemistrie Blue lenses are offered in multiple base curves that match the base curve the prescription lenses ensuring a perfect fit.  


Chemistrie Blue lenses are available in a range of powers from plano (no power) to +2.00, in quarter increments. This means that they are an effective computer clip for anyone – single vision prescriptions, progressive, or bifocal wearers alike.


Chemistrie Blue clips are ideal for students spending long hours studying on the computer, professionals who work primarily on screens, competitive gamers looking to lock in and focus, and presbyopia patients who want to avoid stress on the neck from tilting and maneuvering to see a computer or phone screen properly.