Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in color vision technology! Chemistrie Color lenses are a high-tech solution for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), sometimes referred to as colorblindness.

The last generation of CVD or colorblind eyewear relied on heavily tinted red, pink, or green lenses that utilized saturation for color correction. Conversely, Chemistrie Color lenses were developed using a proprietary artificial intelligence program that determined the ideal lens filter for different types of color blindness; the lenses themselves are made with exclusive, high-quality dye compounds and lightweight HiVex.

This high-tech development process resulted in lenses that filter precise portions of the visible light spectrum to create contrast and color separation, enabling those with CVD to discern additional colors and shades of colors.

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Chemistrie Color is available exclusively through independent eyecare professionals and retailers. Want to bring Chemistrie Color to your office? Contact us here. Looking for Chemistrie Color for your glasses? Check out our retail locator here to find a location near you!

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Unlike other CVD products, Chemistrie Color is available in three lens options:

  1. A custom made Chemistrie Clip which is the perfect solution for those who require prescription glasses.
  2. A pair of ready-made plano glasses, ideal for patients who do not require vision correction.
  3. As an uncut plano lens for use with any frame.
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Lens Options

There are three lens versions of Chemistrie Color: outdoor moderate, outdoor severe and indoor. It is recommended that the lens version is chosen based on the severity of a patient’s CVD.  The outdoor moderate lens is designed to be worn in outdoor sun and overcast conditions. The outdoor severe lens is designed for those with more severe CVD and should be worn outdoors. The indoor lens is designed to be worn indoors or in outdoor overcast conditions

product options

Chemistrie Color is available as an on demand Chemistrie Clip, readymade glasses with plano Chemistrie Color lenses, or uncut lenses for edging in-house in an optical shop or lab. Readymade glasses are available in three styles. All options are available in any of the lens versions.

All Chemistrie Color lenses are available in multiple base curves. Chemistrie Color clip lenses are available in 2, 4, and 6 base while primary lenses are available in 4 and 6 base. All lenses feature a backside anti-reflective coating to help with unwanted glare.

Displays For Your Practice

A stylish in-office point of purchase display is available for your optical shop. The display features two readymade styles, a Chemistrie Clip, and a vibrant image to showcase Chemistrie Color lenses. See more here, or request information about how you can offer Chemistrie Color to your patients here.