About us

About our Company

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA, Eyenavision provides optical products and services to independent eyecare professionals and optical retailers. Our products enable ECPs to differentiate themselves from big box stores and discount chains; Eyenavision’s high-tech eyewear solutions create brand new revenue streams and customer loyalty for the independent retailers who carry our cutting-edge products. To learn more about bringing Eyenavision to your practice, visit our ECP Resources page.

Eyenavision’s flagship product is the patented Chemistrie Clip, the optical industry’s best-selling custom-made clip-on lens solution. Utilizing our patented magnetic lens layering system, Chemistrie Clips are available as sun and reader clips, as well as specialty clips for computer use, color vision deficiency (color blindness), and 3D video. The Chemistrie Clip is produced by over 100 wholesale labs and sold by retailers in all 50 states.

In addition to our signature magnetic clip-ons, Eyenavision also offers lines of premium optical frames, reading glasses optimized for computer use, readymade eyewear for color blindness, and a line of Made in America frames that are manufactured at our headquarters in Pittsburgh. We also operate a high-tech optical lab for fulfilling prescription and Chemistrie Clip orders for independent optical retailers.

Eyenavision is proud to be a part of a period of tremendous growth and expansion in the optical industry. By combining cutting-edge technologies and proven design principles, our products simplify the lives of eyecare professionals and their patients. Our company is founded on small-business beliefs, and our dedicated team of employees believe in the importance of customer service and solution-based problem solving.

At Eyenavision, our goal is to offer innovative technologies and products at reasonable prices that can’t be found elsewhere. Reach out to us today, and see for yourself why so many independent eye care professionals place their trust in Eyenavision.

To find a Chemistrie Retailer near you, please visit our retail locator. To learn more about making Chemistrie in your optical shop, or for more information, please contact us here or by emailing info@eyenavision.com