Chemistrie Blue: A Modern Vision Solution for Computer-committed Presbyopes

Chemistrie Blue: A Modern Vision Solution for Computer-committed Presbyopes

It has become a prevailing view that high blue light exposure, especially from device screens, leads to visual and physiological impairment in many ways. Digital eye strain, as it is commonly referred to affects nearly 70% of all adults, but it is preventable.

We’re all aware that these consequences, the result of excessive device screen time, have had a considerable impact on children, who have also experienced disrupted sleep cycles due to blue light exposure. Of course, these dilemmas are not confined to kids alone.

Adults are spending an increasing amount of time in front of digital screens, whether for professional or personal reasons, and this trend shows no signs of abating. In particular, older adults who must contend with presbyopia have a particularly difficult set of challenges. Wearing a multifocal lens, specifically a progressive lens, requires constant head-tilting when viewing a computer screen, leading to neck and eye strain, and over-exposure to blue light (not to mention frustration).

Eyenavision, the developer of the unique Chemistrie Clip arsenal of products, has come up with a solution: Chemistrie Blue.

This is a patented, blue light computer clip, designed to deflect a portion of the high-energy blue light emitted by digital devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. Like all products within the Chemistrie brand, Chem Blue is portable, removable, and custom-made to fit the patient’s specific pair of eyewear, adhering to the frame with Eyenavision’s patented magnetic lens layering system. In addition to the custom-made format, Chemistrie Clip is available as an uncut plano lens for in-house edging, and as a pair of ready-made plano glasses for patients not needing vision correction. For reading, it’s available from +0.50D to +2.00D.

Chem Blue also utilizes a proprietary layered lens material called Hi-Vex, with a unique anti-reflective coating that reduces the overall transmission of light from 380nm to 450nm. The lenses are ultra-thin to minimize the weight of each clip, and feature an ABBE value of 46. Chemistrie Blue lenses are available in multiple base curves to match the base curve of the wearer’s prescription lens, ensuring a perfect fit.

This is the ultimate lens design solution for people requiring reading magnification who want to avoid the constant head tilting that progressive lens wearers experience in the search for their elusive “intermediate zone” while working at a computer screen.

To learn more about Chemistrie Blue and the entire range of Chemistrie products, contact your Eyenavision sales representative.