Eyenavision displays


Chemistrie Displays are designed to grab the attention of your customers and turn curiosity into sales. Eye-catching, clean, and compact, each display quickly and efficiently pitches the innovative factors your customers will care about the most. Our displays are interactive and easily readable, encouraging your customers to engage with the product and request more information.

Like all Chemistrie products, our displays are made to bring success to your practice. Each display consists of concise copy, studio-quality photographic/design elements, and most importantly, functional samples of Chemistrie eyewear. A bold, streamlined design draws customers’ attention, encourages conversation, and ultimately, increases your incremental sales.

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Office-ready displays are available for the following Chemistrie products:

signature Chemistrie point-of-purchase display

Our signature Chemistrie center-piece point-of-purchase display is a tried-and-true sales generator. Combining a bright and clean construction with contemporary stylistic flourishes, this dual-sided display showcases two of our most popular products: Chemistrie Sun lenses, and Chemistrie Blue. By including working samples of each product, your customers will immediately understand the convenience, functionality, and value of Chemistrie eyewear.
*Included in Chemistrie display: 2 samples, 1 Chemistrie Sun lens and 1 Chemistrie Blue,
3 lens sheets showcasing the 24 sun lens colors we have available, a crystal wheel including all 12 optional crystal colors, along with a few other surprises! 

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Chemistrie Color

Chemistrie Color is our first eyewear solution designed specifically for individuals with color vision deficiency (CVD), or colorblindness. Engineered using a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence program, Chemistrie Color lenses provide CVD patients with crisp, clear color correction. Our newly designed display piece encourages includes sample frames equipped with Chemistrie Color lenses, encouraging customers to try on a pair – and experience the immediate difference Chemistrie Color can provide. Each display piece comes complete with all three varieties of Chemistrie Color lenses: Outdoor Severe, Outdoor Moderate, and Indoor.

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ChemTech is our newest product line, designed specifically to reduce the visual fatigue caused by long hours of screen time. Chemtech computer glasses utilize a unique AR coating on the lenses to block the potentially harmful blue light emitted from computers, tablets, and smartphones. For the modern professional, this can make a huge difference in preventing eye strain during long hours in the office, lab, or studio. Each display piece includes ready-made Chemtech glasses in a variety of common prescriptions, allowing your customers to try out this innovative new product first-hand!


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