CHemistrie Plus

Instantly transform your favorite glasses into dedicated readers with the snap of a magnet! Chemistrie Plus Clips are fully detachable lens layers, utilizing magnets embedded in the lenses to quickly and easily snap on to your prescription glasses.

For those times when text is too small or blurry to read clearly, nothing works better than Chemistrie Plus. Our lenses are cut from premium ultra-thin HiVex, complete with a double-sided anti-reflective coating. Best of all, each clip is custom-made to perfectly fit virtually any frame, at prescriptions ranging from +.50 to +2.50.

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Powers from +.0.50 to +2.50

Chemistrie Plus

Chemistrie Plus clips eliminate the need to purchase second pair of prescription readers alongside your regular prescription glasses. Lightweight, low-profile, and customizable, Chemistrie Plus represents the future of prescription readers.


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Workday-Ready Readers

Unlike standard reader lenses, the magnification of Chemistrie Plus lenses increases at a smooth gradient, making for a smooth and distraction-free transition between reading small-print text and everyday tasks, like computer use, writing, and driving.

Like all Chemistrie lenses, Chemistrie Plus readers are made from premium HiVex material with a 46 ABBE value. Our lenses feature a double-sided anti-reflective coating, and are surfaced to a .8mm edge thickness. Each pair of lens layers are custom-built to exact customer specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for virtually any pair of glasses, at any prescription.


Utilizing small magnets embedded in the lenses, Chemistrie Color lens layers instantly attach and detach from any pair of glasses, offering unparalleled convenience for customers who traditionally rely on a separate pair of readers.

Style/Color Options

No matter the shape, size, or style of your glasses, Chemistrie Plus is the ideal choice for reading print or digital text. We offer various color options for the bridge, magnets, and crystals to ensure low-profile style.