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Lens: Chemistrie Color Outdoor Severe

Lens: Chemistrie Color Outdoor Moderate

Lens: Chemistrie Color Indoor

Introducing Chemistrie Color!

Chemistrie Color is a breakthrough in lens technology that has been developed by a proprietary artificial intelligence program. This high-tech program has identified the ideal color gamut to assist with the perception of color in those with color blindness. While some competitors rely on heavy red or pink tinted lenses, Chemistrie Color provides CVD patients with the truest possible discernment of color and enhances genuine color vision. Unlike other CVD products, Chemistrie Color is available in multiple lens options: ready-made plano glasses, an uncut lens for in-house edging, and as a custom Chemistrie Clip.

The Clip-On Solution

Chemistrie Color is available as a custom-made clip-on product utilizing the patented Chemistrie Lens Layering system. Clips are attached via micro magnets embedded in the primary RX lens, creating a solution for patients who want to use Chemistrie Color on-demand. Chemistrie Color clips are available in Outdoor Severe, Outdoor Moderate, and Indoor lens options. Like other Chemistrie clips, these:

  • Fit virtually any frame: Custom-made clips fit 99% of all patient frames.
  • Base curve matched: Available in 2, 4 and 6 base curves, clips are custom fit to a patient’s RX, providing a perfect fit between the clip and RX lens.
  • Lightweight: Made from an ultra-thin polycarbonate lens material, the rimless clips add very little weight to the frame.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Anti-reflective coatings reduce unwanted glare.
  • Options: Magnet and bridge color options.

The Ready to Wear Solution

Chemistrie Color is available in three fashionable ready-to-wear sunglass styles with plano lenses. Any of the existing Chemistrie Frame models sold by Eyenavision are also available with Chemistrie Color Lenses.

Outdoor Moderate
Outdoor Severe
  • Indoor and Outdoor: Available in Outdoor Severe, Outdoor Moderate and Indoor lens options.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses: Impact resistant poly lenses.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Anti-reflective coatings reduce unwanted glare.

Uncut Lenses

In order to offer our ECP customers maximum flexibility, we offer Chemistrie Color as plano uncut lenses. ECPs with in-office finishing capabilities can edge and insert Chemistrie Color lenses into their own frames. ECPs without in-office finishing can send a frame to our Chemistrie lab in Pittsburgh, PA or any certified wholesale lab that sells Chemistrie Color.

  • Choice: Provide Chemistrie Color technology to any frame on your board.
  • Size: Lenses have a 73mm diameter and a 1.5mm thickness, suitable for almost any size frame.
  • Coating: Outdoor lenses have a backside anti-reflective coating. Indoor lenses have a double sided anti-reflective coating.
  • Uncuts: Order lenses to cut on your edger, send us a frame to make in our Pittsburgh, PA based lab, or send a frame to any wholesale lab that offers Chemistrie Color.
  • Options: Available in 4 and 6 base curves.

Custom Point of Purchase Display

The Chemistrie Color Point of Purchase Display Includes:
  • 3 sample frames with Chemistrie Color lenses in each of the 3 Chemistrie Color strengths.
  • Two ready-made styles and one frame with a clip sample.
  • A sample of the Chemistrie Color packaging.
  • Registration card for inclusion on the Chemistrie Color Retailer Locator.
  • Lens testing image for patients to experience Chemistrie Color. Best viewed in natural light or a well-lit area.