Chemistrie Sun

For wearers of prescription glasses, seeing clearly while outdoors usually means purchasing a second pair of expensive prescription sunglasses, or relying on bulky, old-fashioned clip-ons. Chemistrie Sunlenses are here to change that. A revolutionary innovation in eyewear technology, our sunlenses offer unparalleled functionality, convenience, and style. Utilizing our patented Magnetic Lens Layering Technology, our sunlenses attach and detach from your favorite pair of glasses with the snap of a magnet.

Every pair of sunlenses is custom-made to perfectly fit your favorite pair of prescription glasses. The lenses themselves are crafted from premium-grade, ultra-lightweight HiVex, guaranteeing perfect clarity, and crisp, clear colors. And most importantly, all Chemistrie Sunlenses provide protection from 100% of UV rays. Protecting your vision has never been so easy!

Explore Our Sunlens Colors

Frame Name Here
Frame with Orange Mirror Lens
Amber Gradient Lens
Crimson Grey Gradient Lens
Dark Brown Gradient Lens
Dark Grey Gradient Lens
Medium Brown Gradient Lens
Rouge Gradient Lens
Violet Grey Gradient Lens
Violet Rose Gradient Lens
Blue Mirror Lens
Caliente Mirror Lens
Gold Mirror Lens
Green Mirror Lens
Mirror Morado Sunlens
Orange Mirror Lens
Silver Mirror Lens
Sky Blue Mirror Lens
Solid Amber Sunlens
Solid Blue Sunlens
Solid Bronze Sunlens
Solid Brown Sunlens
Solid G-15 Sunlens
Solid Grey Sunlens
Solid Rose Sunlens
Solid Yellow Sunlens

Chemistrie Sun

Chemistrie Sunlenses are a functional, stylish alternative to expensive prescription sunglasses. First, state-of-the-art optical scanning equipment is used to develop a precise three-dimensional model of your prescription glasses.

Then, certified technicians craft your one-of-a-kind Sunlens, each pair custom-made to perfectly match the size, shape, and base curve of your prescription glasses.

Finally, your technician will install a pair of small, durable magnets are directly in your prescription glasses, allowing your Sunlenses to be attached and detached quickly and easily.



From bike riding to beach lounging, Chemistrie Sunlenses are the perfect companions for outdoor activities. Lightweight, durable magnets secure the sunlenses to your prescription glasses, guaranteeing an all-day distraction-free fit.


In addition to matching your exact prescription, all of our sunlenses are fully polarized to reduce glare and visual strain. All Chemistrie Sunlenses provide 100% UV protection, for maximum safety and comfort.

Color Options

No matter the shape, size, or style of your glasses, Chemistrie Sunlenses are the perfect choice to seamlessly transform them into Rx sunglasses.
Alongside various color options for the magnets and bridge, our sunlenses come in three distinct varieties:
Mirror colors offer a bold, fashion-forward look, while gradient colors are subtle and contemporary. Finally, solid color sunlenses are a timeless, classic choice.

Next Step:

For Individuals: Eyenavision works with local, independent eye care providers across the country. To find a certified Chemistrie retailer, please visit our Retail Locator.

For Eye Care Providers: to learn more about bringing the Chemistrie line into your practice, contact us here.

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