The newest addition to our line of Chemistrie magnetic lens layers, Chemistrie Blue lenses are designed to ease the discomfort of hours spent on your computer by filtering out a portion of the high-energy violet and blue light emitted by computers, smartphones, tablets and fluorescent lighting.

Chemistrie Blue layers are finished with a special coating that reflects a portion of the harmful blue light from digital devices. Chemistrie Blue is available in intermediate distance powers from plano to +2.00 Hi-Vex lenses.

  • custom made
  • fits virtually any frame
  • base curve matched
  • extremely lightweight
  • intermediate distance powers ranging from plano through +1.50 Hi-Vex lenses
  • available with both clear and yellow lenses
  • 5 titanium bridge colors
  • 3 magnet colors
  • 12 Swarovski crystal colors (permanent or magnetic)
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