Q: What is Chemistrie?
A: Chemistrie is a patented magnetic lens layering system that is custom made to fit virtually ANY frame. Available in sunlenses, reader lenses, and 3D lenses.

Q: How many Chemistrie Sunlens colors are there?
A: There are 24 polarized Chemistrie Sunlens colors available: 8 solid, 8 mirror, and 8 gradient.

Q: Are there any non-polarized sunlenses available?
A: Yes, G-15 and brown are available in both polarized and non-polarized. All of our other sunlenses are available only in polarized.

Q: Are there any back anti-reflective sunlenses available?
A: All of our mirror and gradient lenses have a backside anti-reflective coating. We also stock solid amber and grey lenses with an anti-reflective coating that can be special ordered.

Q: Do Chemistrie Sunlenses offer UV protection?
A: Yes, all Chemistrie Sunlenses offer 100% UV protection.

Q: What powers are available in the Chemistrie+ Reader Lenses?
A: Chemistrie+ Reader Lenses range from +.50 to +2.50 in increments of .25.

Q: Where do the Chemistrie 3D Lenses work?
A: Chemistrie 3D Lenses work on all 3D cinema productions using circular polarization as well as all 3D TV's utilizing passive lens technology.

Q: Where can I find Chemistrie?
A: Over 2,000 optical retailers across the United States carry Chemistrie. By using our Retailer Locator, you can find Chemistrie retailers in your area.

Q: What if there is not a Chemistrie retailer in my area?
A: Please contact us at info@eyenavision.com and we can discuss the option of shipping your frames to our in-office lab to be fitted with Chemistrie.

Q: What is Phyzics?
A: Phyzics is a patented eyewear technology that utilizes magnets to connect the frame front to the temple piece.

Q: What is the benefit of Phyzics?
A: The magnetic hinges replace standard hinges that would otherwise loosen and stretch over time.

Q: Where can I find Phyzics?
A: Please contact us at info@eyenavision.com or 888-321-3939 and we can assist you in finding a retailer in your area.

Q: Is there a warranty on Phyzics frames?
A: Phyzics frames are warrantied for one year for manufacturer's defects.