The Importance of Protective Eye Wear!
We spend a great deal of time focusing on protecting our skin from the sun with the help of sunscreen and big floppy beach hats, but sometimes we forget the importance of protecting our eyes from the sun's UV rays!

The sun emits two types of UV rays, UV-A and UV-B which can be absorbed by your eyes. UV-A can harm your central vision and part of the retina at the back of your eye, whereas the front section of your eye (the cornea and lens) absorb most of the UV-B ray which can be much more damaging than UV-A. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause the following eye diseases: Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, skin cancer and/or Corneal Sunburn.

EVERYONE (including children) is at risk for eye damage caused by UV radiation. If you are spending long periods of time out in the sun whether it is for work or play, finding sunglasses that provide protection is imperative!

When Choosing the Correct Eyewear, lenses must:
  • Reduce glare
  • Filter out 99-100% of UV rays (Note: Only purchase sunglasses that state the amount of radiation that is blocked by the lenses)
  • Fully cover and protect your eyes
  • Be comfortable and fit well to the face
  • Not distort colors

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:
  1. Don't be fooled by a cloud covered sky, UV rays can still permeate through the haze into your eyes
  2. Sunglasses aren't just for those bright summer months, protective eye wear is crucial for those snowy winter days due to rays reflecting on the white snow and back to our eyes
  3. During the summer months choose sunglasses with a darker lens to help compensate for the stronger UV rays
Chemistrie Sun:

At Eyenavision, eye health is very important to us and our customers! Many individuals struggle with needing prescription glasses to drive or even just spend time outdoors, but also wanting sunglasses to help block out the sun. Chemistrie's polarized lenses provide the protection from UV rays to ensure our patients are receiving the best care. Our sun clips are attached through magnets that are embedded into the lenses of your Rx glasses.

For more information about Chemistrie Sun or our other clips, head to for more information!

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Posted: Thursday, March 07, 2019