Retail, Technology and the Optical Industry
Many retailers are closing left and right across the United States due to large companies such as Amazon who are selling pretty much anything you could ever need online! So how can small, independent optical practices set themselves apart from the competition? Innovation and customization. These concepts have become the key to driving further growth.
In this day and age it is imperative that opticians are continually adding new advancements to their practice that help draw in new customers as well as maintain the needs of their current ones. Many companies are starting to sell all of their merchandise online, however that can be problematic, particularly in the optical industry.

Alas, we found a solution that gives every patient a chance to create a custom frame and try them on before purchasing. We have partnered with Netherlands-based company, Roger Bacon which uses innovative technology and customization options to create exceptional frames for every patient.

Roger Bacon uses a mobile application to take precise measurements of a patient's face and head to create a 3D, 360-degree scan. Once the scan is complete, the image is projected onto the LCD Roger Bacon display which allows patients to virtually try on any Roger Bacon frame style in any color. There are over 30 styles of one-of-a-kind frames within the collection, which are all available in 10 distinct colors and three different lens sizes. 

After your patient finds the perfect pair of frames, the glasses are created using 3D printing methods with the precise measurements and personalized style options. The process takes approximately four weeks to complete from the starting time of creation to when the glasses are actually picked up at the practice. 

If you are interested in learning for to become a retailer of Roger Bacon, feel free to contact us at

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2018