Benefits of Computer Eye Wear!
Do you sit in front of your computer screen during the work day or regularly binge watch the latest
Netflix originals? We do too, don't worry! Since so much of our daily lives revolve around mobile
devices, we continually expose our eyes to harmful blue light. To help compensate for some of the
damage, Eyenavision has created Chemistrie Blue, a blue light blocking clip, as well as single vision,
blue light filtering reader, ChemTech.

Besides keeping our eyes healthy, there are several benefits to the usage of computer glasses, but
first, let's talk about why blue light is harmful and how it can cause computer vision syndrome (CVS)
and digital eye strain (DES).

Blue light is located on the end of the electromagnetic spectrum and produces a very short wavelength
which creates rays that are full of energy. Sunlight is the main source of blue light, however it can also
be found in man made devices such as cellphones, tablets, TV and laptops.

Too much exposure to the blue light can cause digital eye strain, otherwise known as computer vision
syndrome. Digital eye strain describes a group of eye and vision related problems that result from
prolonged digital device usage. The more screen time leads to increased amounts of discomfort,
which is very common for individuals who spend approximately 7-8 hours a day in front of a screen.

Benefits of Computer Glasses

1. Blue Light Filtering:
Blue light can be extremely harmful to the eyes. It can cause issues with eye strain, your sleep cycle
but can also be the root of oracular degeneration. Our computer lenses are created with a special
coating which helps reflect blue light from entering your eyes.

2. Better posture:
Due to the discomfort from your eyes, there is a natural tendency to hunch or lean towards the screen
in hopes to fix the discomfort. Computer glasses help provide clearer vision from a further distance
which allows you to sit up straight and reduce strain in the back and neck.

3. Better eye focus
You may have difficulty changing focus from your screen, to your keyboard and back after extended
hours of screen usage. The lens powers in computer glasses helps keep the eyes in focus and gives
you the largest field of view. Plano options are also available if you don’t need glasses or wear

4. Reducing computer vision symptoms:
Red eye, discomfort, disturbed sleep patterns and back and neck problems are common symptoms
associated with CVS. Instead of leaning and hunching over to be able to better see the contents of
your screen, computer glasses provide more clarity from a further distance. This also helps reduce
the overall discomfort that eyes feel due to the bright screen.  

Chemistrie Blue
Chemistrie Blue are designed to ease the discomfort caused by hours of screen usage by filtering out
a portion of high-energy violet and blue light that is emitted through device screens. Each clip is also
custom made and can virtually fit any frame and can turn any pair of glasses into computer glasses,
even progressives!


Made with Eyenavision's prescription quality clear 1.56 index lenses with a special anti-reflective
coating to combat the blue light that is emitted through devices. All four ChemTech frames are offered
in single vision intermediate distance powers from +.25 to +3.00 and plano.

Posted: Tuesday, August 28, 2018