Featured Retailer of the Week: Springboro Eye Care
Springboro Eye Care jumped on the chance to become a featured retailer of Chemistrie! We spoke with Judy from the practice where she spoke so highly of Chemistrie Clips! 

Question 1: How long have you been in business? 

Judy has been in the optical business for 25 years now. However, Dr. Huelsman opened his first practice in 1993. Then in October of 2003, he took over another practice from a former doctor which is currently Springboro Eye Care.

Question 2: What drew you into the optical business?

Judy started off in the optical business when she decided to respond to an ad in a local newspaper for a job as a receptionist at an optical chain. After learning the ins and outs of the business, she decided to pursue a career in the optometry field and is now a licensed optician.

Question 3: How do you market the Chemistrie Clip?

Within the practice, they display the Chemistrie Clip profit tower on top of the dispensing table which allows the doctors to demonstrate how easy Chemistrie Clips are to use while the patients are waiting to get their glasses fitted. By placing the display in an accessible area, customers are more exposed to the product and inquire about the clips. 

Question 4: How does your business get involved in the community?

In the past, the practice has involved themselves in the community by having booths at local festivals or programs around the town. Additionally, Dr. Huelsman has sponsored several local sports teams around the Springboro area! 

Question 5: What's something fun about the town where you are located?

Springboro has a great historical downtown district! The town also has ties to the Underground Railroad

Question 6: What is some feedback you have received from your customers about the Chemistrie products?

Although they are a newer retailer of Chemistrie, all of the feedback they've received from their patients thus far has been positive! Judy loves her clip and says how wonderfully the lab edged her lenses in her mother's 1981 "vintage" drill mount and discusses how well her mirror sun clip matches with the frame! 

Thank you to Springboro Eye Care for being a retailer of Chemistrie and taking the time to speak with us regarding the impact the clips have already made on your company! 

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Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2018