College Optical Express: Featured Retailer of the Week!
This week we spoke with Raymond Castro from College Optical Express at Florida International University. Raymond has been working in the optical industry for many years and was excited to share his experiences with us! 

Question 1: How long have you been in business? 
College Optical Express has been in business at Florida International University since January of 2015, however, Raymond has been in the optical business for a majority of his life. He received his Florida Optician License in 1998 and his ABOC and NCLEC in 1996. 

Question 2: What drew you into the optical business?
Since the age of three, Raymond Castro has been wearing prescription glasses. Unlike most kids his age, he always liked the wearing his glasses which sparked his interest in the optometry field. As this interest grew, he wanted to create eye wear for the "not-so-average" customer. 

Question 3: How do you market the Chemistrie Clip?

At College Optical Express, they have displays on-site that demonstrate how Chemistrie Clips works. Raymond loves watching "the shock and awe" customers have once they try on the products and see how easy the clips are to use. Their customer's are even more amazed when they find out that not only can they connect clips to any of the Chemistrie frames that are sold at the practice, but that they can purchase clips that are can be fit to their current Rx frames! 

Question 4: How does your practice get involved in the community?
Due to its location, College Optical Express is highly involved on the Florida International University campus. Their involvement includes tailgates, sporting events along with participating in other campus activities. Raymond was recently featured in the FIU Alumni Magazine as one of their "Unsung Heroes" because of his voluntary participation in helping individuals who were misplaced by Hurricane Irma and Maria. After the hurricanes, Castro showed up to the practice to check and see if the store had sustained any hurricane damage. He ended up cleaning, adjusting and repairing glasses that were damaged by the storm. He also spent his time, conversing with bed-ridden occupants at the FIU shelter. These are just a few of the ways College Optical Express has given back to it's community!

Question 5: What is something fun about the town where you are located?
College Optical Express is located in the heart of Miami! "The city is the epitome of fun and culture," Raymond says. Additionally, since his practice is located inside one of the four largest universities in the United States and the second largest university in the state of Florida, they are exposed to a variety of cultures and all walks of life. Contrary to popular belief, College Optical Express does not exclusively serve the faculty, staff and students from FIU, but they are also open to the public!

Question 6: What is some feedback you have received from your customers about the Chemistrie products?
According to Raymond, the feedback he has received from customers has been phenomenal! Due to the technology and the ease of the product, Chemistrie products are generating plenty of "word of mouth" advertising on the behalf of College Optical Express. Additionally, some of their customers are progressive wearers and use more than one monitor each day and therefore complain about the eye strain. College Optical Express makes these individuals a set of "intermediate blue blocker" clips which solves their problems without having to buy a second pair of computer glasses. After their customers see how beneficial the computer glasses can be, they generally purchase a second pair of Polarized Sun Clips too! Lastly, since they do have a complete finishing lab onsite, they are able to produce the Chemistrie Clips for their customer's in less than an hour! This is a great selling point for any customers who want to buy replacements or additional colors for the sake of variety! 

Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us Raymond! If you are in the Miami Area, head to College Optical Express at Florida International University to learn more about Chemistrie! If you are interested in becoming a featured retailer of Chemistrie, feel free to reach out to us at
Posted: Monday, June 18, 2018