Roger Bacon 3D Printed Eyewear Exclusively Distributed Through Eyenavision
Have you heard about Roger Bacon Eyewear yet? Well Eyenavision, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be the exclusive distributor of Roger Bacon Eyewear in the United States. Roger Bacon Eyewear is set to be available in July of this year. Based in the Netherlands, Roger Bacon Eyewear has developed the world’s first made to measure 3D printed eyewear collection available for sale through independent optical retailers.

Every face is unique, why not every pair of glasses? This question led Roger Bacon Eyewear to develop a proprietary system that makes use of a biometric scanner attached to an iPad. The scanning process provides the patient’s precise dimensions that enable Roger Bacon to produce a pair of custom made frames using a 3D printer.

ECPs that provide Roger Bacon Eyewear will receive a scanner and visualization unit which allows the customer to preview any frame in the collection using the patient’s image as shown on the visualization unit’s LCD display. Customers can choose from over 20 frame shapes, each available in 10 colors, with new frame designs to be continuously added to the collection. Individual frame orders are easily placed from the iPad using Roger Bacon’s cloud based ordering system. The frames are then custom printed and the parts are provided to Eyenavision for final inspection and assembly. The completed frame is provided by Eyenavision to the ECP. Roger Bacon Eyewear providers will receive one-on-one training on the new, exclusive technology so that they may offer their customers a unique in-office experience. As an additional benefit, retailers offering Roger Bacon Eyewear will no longer experience costly frame buy-ins and exchanges of poor selling frames. With Roger Bacon, inventory carrying costs are eliminated as each frame is custom made. The ECP only carries frame samples and colors. New frame designs are automatically downloaded to the iPad and visualization unit.

We’re excited about this new venture!

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Posted: Friday, April 29, 2016
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