Good Read: Recent Glaucoma News
Do you know if your patients know their glaucoma facts?

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On this page the National Eye Institute provides basic information regarding the group of common eye diseases that can slowly take away a person's vision. We are all pretty familiar with glaucoma and know a glaucoma is present when there is an increase in eye pressure that can lead to damage in the optic nerve and mild to severe sight loss. But do your patients know this info? They should know some of the more common types of glaucoma are open angle and angle closure glaucoma. These two type are recognized by an increase of the pressure in the eye. Your patients can find more information about whether or not they might be at risk by reading what the Glaucoma Research Foundation lists as key risk factors here. The Glaucoma Research Foundation has also created a comprehensive lists of ways to test for the presence of a glaucoma on this page,. Don't forget to ask about more information on our Chemistrie sun lenses to help with glare and contrast. In addition, our sun lenses are a need for the winter. Because although sun lenses are important in the summer to block UV rays they are equally as important in the winter. Make sure your patients know that they need protection from the snow glare. You can check out our Chemistrie Sunlens information here.
Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2016
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