Frame Profile: 7000's
Our 7000’s frame series are lightweight three-piece frames that go with any patient’s style. We have colors various colors that will match your patient’s needs. If your patient wants to be bold we have purple, pink or gold. If their style is simple and professional they can go with the silver or gunmetal. These frames look great on any face shape and have different lens shapes to match their needs.


7000 - Blue Shape C

7000 - Blue Shape B

7000 - Black Shape C


7001 - Silver Shape A

7001 - Gunmetal Shape B

7001 - Gunmetal Shape A

7002 - Silver Shape A

7002 - Silver Shape A

7002 - Blue Shape C

7003 - Red Shape C

7003 - Silver Shape A

7003 - Blue Shape C

7004 - Purple Shape A

7004 - Gold Shape C

7004 - Pink Shape B

7005 - Silver Shape C

7005 - Gunmetal Shape B

7005 - Silver Shape B

To see our 7000 series in its entirety and in more detail head over to our frame gallery. Not only are these frames retro but also our clips go perfect when paired. For more information and pricing email us at 
Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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