Magnifying Eye Styles Optical Lab

Eye Style Optical, located in Palm Coast Florida has been offering professional and high quality eye care services to all of their patients since 1977.

They have experienced, friendly opticians named Jade Jackson, Jeremy Jackson, Scott Henderson, and Jennifer Kane. Their services are perfect for any family seeking eye care in the Palm Coast  area.

Although their opticians rarely have down time during their business hours. They took time to answer a few questions for us while they had a break.

Q: What is most rewarding about your profession?
A: Our reward is the patient's seeing the best they can, and are happy with their purchase. When a child gets glasses for the first time, and can see the smile on their face is priceless.

Q: What is the biggest challenge to your business?
A:  It's hard competing with the big companies like Lenscrafters and Walmart. We keep our prices at their lowest and give the best product possible for patients.

Q: How has E-commerce positively changed your business?
A:  Doesn't affect us much at all, we do not do any business online.

Q: How has E-commerce negatively changed your business?
A:  It's hard when customers come in and say they can get better prices online.You might get them online cheap but not quality. We take pride in our work to make the customers happy.

Q: What advice would you give small business owners?
A:  Our customers like our establishment because we are like family, everyone knows everybody.  When you have a small business you will have the nicest customers. My advice to them would be to try to give the best product possible and treat everybody like family.

Q: What Chemistrie product has helped your patients the most?
A: The magnetic clip-ons, all styles they are selling great. People love them.

Q: Where do you see the market going in 3 years for glasses?
A: I think the market will keeping growing. Glasses are a fashion. That keeps changing.

For more information visit their website or contact them at 386-446-4210.
Posted: Monday, December 07, 2015
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