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Lake Oconee Eye Care, located in Greensboro Georgia, has been a leading provider of optometry services and vision care in the Greensboro community since 2000. Lake Oconee Eye Care specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous eye diseases, conditions, and eye problems.

Their mission is to provide the best eye care services possible. In addition, they are committed to educating their patients and providing personalized eye care services. Lake Oconee Eye Care’s patients rave about how dedicated the eye doctors are to providing excellent personal care and genuinely caring about their individual situations.

Although Lake Oconee Eye Care has been busy providing exceptional one on one service to their patients Dr. Perry Lee took time out of his day to talk with us and answer some questions we had for him.

Q: What challenges have you faced in your business and how did you overcome them?
A:Optometry School did a wonderful job of training me to be a doctor, but it did not train me to lead an organization of people.  Five years ago Lake Oconee Eye Care had to change quickly in order to continue to grow.  We hired a business coach to help us grow as leaders.

Q: If you could change anything about this industry what would it be?
A: We need to change the way medical and vision insurance handles eye care.  Medical insurances have begun to cover preventive medical services on a regular basis.  Optometry and Ophthalmology need to come together to say how often a healthy eye examination is covered under the medical insurance at the medical insurance rates.  Then vision insurance would be used in between the medical evaluations, for contact lens products and evaluations, and for glasses.

Q: What advice would you give eye care professionals?
A:There are natural barriers to growth that all eye care and all businesses have to manage to grow.  Don’t be afraid to get a business coach or hire consultants to help you grow as a leader and grow your business.  It will be money well spent.

Q: How have our products helped your consumers?
A: One of the most important ways is in conjunction with photochromic lenses.  We are all aware that photochromic lenses do not change well behind a windshield.  Clips are the perfect solution for this problem.

Q: Where do you see the market for blue light glasses in 3 years?
A: The evidence is mounting and lenses and coatings that block the harmful blue light spectrum from electronic devices will continue to grow exponentially over the next 3 years.

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Posted: Monday, November 09, 2015
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