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"Love your eyes, You only have one pair", is the motto Cameron Optical of Montgomery Texas goes by. Dr. Bonnie J. Cameron has been working with eyes since 2006. Her practice is known for making patients feel at home and giving them a comfortable and inviting experience. Her office conducts over 15 procedures to meet the needs of their countless patients.

Though Dr. Cameron is busy making sure every patient is treated with care she was able to talk with us and answer questions we had for her.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: We help the people in our community see and perform better by providing customized solutions to their visual needs.  I love hearing  that a product we have recommend has changed someone's  life.
Q: What challenges have you faced in your business and how did you overcome them?
A: Our business is family owned, so getting people to choose us over a chain has been an obstacle.  Fortunately, our current customers have been very supportive by spreading the word about our product and services.    
Q: If you could change anything about this industry what would it be?
A:Too often a patient is fit into a category. The notion that "one size fits all" is outdated. We need to prescribe and offer solutions based on individual visual needs.
Q: What advice would you give eye care professionals?
A:Don't be afraid to offer more than one solution to a patient's issue  For example, photochromatic lens vs Chemistrie Clip.  Point out the pros and cons of each.  The patient will be thankful you took the time.
Q: How have our products helped your consumers?
A: Our customers love how functional Chemistrie Clips are.  For some, this is their first ever polarized prescription experience.  Others just love being able to switch between their multiple color options.  And frequent electronic device users are able to control when to add the blue protect and anti fatigue feature.    
Q: Where do you see the market for blue light glasses in 3 years?
A: As the industry and general public become aware of the  detrimental effects of blue light there will be an increased demand for the product.

For more information visit her website. 
Posted: Monday, November 16, 2015
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