Chemistrie Tech, the newest addition to Chemistrie's line of readymade products, is designed to combat symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, such as fatigue and blurriness. Chemistrie Tech utilizes special clear or yellow lenses that filter out and absorb a portion of the harmful high-energy violet and blue light emitted by screens, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices, easing discomfort.

Available as a readymade product in any of our Chemistrie Frames, Chemistrie Tech is the perfect solution those who are experiencing symptoms of Digital Eye Strain but don't require prescription eyewear or wear contact lenses. Lenses come in plano and intermediate distance powers from +0.25 to +1.50 in 0.25 increments.

  • Readymade in any Chemistrie Frame
  • Uncut lenses are available for purchase by retailers
  • 1.56 index lenses in either clear or yellow
  • Available as plano and intermediate distance powers in 0.25 increments from +0.25 to +1.50
  • Stylish, lightweight neoprene case and microfiber cleaning cloth with purchase
  • Free POP display with purchase for retailers
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