Do I Need a Television in My Waiting Room?
Everyone knows sitting in any waiting room can be boring, and in this day in age stacks of magazines are no longer distracting patients. According to the 6th Annual Vitals Index, patients wait to see a doctor an average of 19 minutes.  This time can be used to promote information about the products and services your practice offers. Not only will this information be helpful to your business, but it can also help patients get comfortable while waiting.

So what benefit does this have to you and your office?

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Having a television in the waiting room can be utilized like having your own TV station. You can update patients on office closings, any monthly promotions, new employees, office events, office sponsorings, or any new products. Although it may be easier to show mainstream broadcast stations, you may want to be cautious when deciding what channels to show. Recent research and polls show that relevant world news or other information may produce negative emotions in patients while waiting to see their doctors. Staying away from broadcast stations in general may be the best approach.

Not only can you inform them about all the information relevant to your practice by only broadcasting office information, but you can have the vendors you have relationships with send videos to your practice to inform your patients about the products you carry. These videos can give patients information about the products before going into their appointment. This relevant information may be helpful to the patient in making decisions about what products to choose that may be the best for their situation. It can also help you by being a preface to any explanation or discussion you have about your services or products.

Want to see an example? We have a video about our Chemistrie clip that could be featured at any retailer location!
Posted: Friday, October 23, 2015
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