Live your life in 3D with Chemistrie
Does anyone else hate those clunky 3D glasses you get at the movie theater? They never stay on your face, they're flimsy, they don't work, and heaven forbid you wear prescription glasses. 3D movies just don't seem to be in the cards for us prescription glasses wearers.

There's an easy fix for those dysfunctional theater glasses - Chemistrie 3D.

Chemistrie 3D is a magnetic lens layer that can easily give you the functionality of 3D glasses without being cumbersome or sacrificing your prescription lenses.

Using circular polarization technology, Chemistrie 3D makes watching your favorite 3D movies and shows in a theater or at home on a 3D TV a breeze.

Chemistrie 3D works like all of our Chemistrie magnetic products. The magnetic 3D layer connect to your prescription lenses via small magnets embedded in both lenses. Layers are custom-cut to match your lenses in shape and base curve, making them a perfect fit. Each layer can be made to match your style with five titanium bridge colors, three magnet colors and 12 optional Swarovski crystal colors. The best part? Once you have the magnets in your prescription lenses, you can order as many layers as you'd like, in any variety.

Posted: Friday, July 10, 2015
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