The Ins and Outs of Chemistrie Sun
Last week we talked about what makes our Chemistrie magnetic layers different from other eyewear clips. To boil it down, it's the use of magnets, embedded into the prescription lens, as opposed to the use of clips to attach lenses to the frame that sets us apart.

So now that the mechanics of the Chemistrie layers are clear, it's time to break down the Chemistrie options. Let's start with our flagship product: Chemistrie Sun.

As the name suggests, Chemistrie Sun provides sun protection for those with prescription eyewear. Chemistrie Sun comes in 24 polarized colors, including solid, gradient and mirrored options. We also offer a few non-polarized colors as well.

All of our Sun colors offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to shield your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

Solid Colors

Our solid color options are a great way to easily transition your prescription eyewear into prescription sunwear. All eight colors come polarized to reduce unwanted glare. Solid grey, brown and amber are also available with backside AR, which eliminates the amount of glare from behind, and g-15 and brown come in nonpolar options as well.

Mirror Colors

These mirrored colors certainly make a stylish statement. All these lenses are a mirror coating on a grey lens for maximum protection. Each of the eight mirrored colors come standard with backside AR to help reduce unwanted glare.

Gradient Colors

Our gradient colors merge style and function. These stylish shades offer the same protection of our other lenses and include backside AR, just like our mirrored lenses. Gradient colors offer a variation in darkness from top to bottom and all come on a grey lens.


All of our Chemistrie layer varieties are available with three magnet colors and five bridge colors to match your frame as closely as possible. Our magnets also come in two shapes - round and square. Round magnets may be used on any frame and lenses. Square magnets, however, may only be used in lenses that are not already cut to a frame. All of our layers are also available with optional permanent or magnetic Swarovski crystals in 12 colors.

As you can see, Chemistrie Sun offers so many new options to update a pair of prescription glasses!
Posted: Friday, June 05, 2015
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