Beating the Blue Light with Chemsitrie Blue
Blue light is a serious problem. According to the Vision Council, approximately two-thirds of Milennials spend nine or more hours on the computer or using a digital device and 70 percent of American adults suffer from Digital Eye Strain.

So first, let's start with blue light and Digital Eye Strain. Blue light is the high energy light that is emitted from backlit devices, like computers, smartphones and tablets. Blue light is what makes our screens appear so bright, but it's also harming us.

Digital Eye Strain is just one of the problems we face after hours and hours spent in front of our mobile devices. As great as these tiny pieces of big technology may be, are they really worth the neck aches, back aches, headaches, blurred vision, eye pain and fatigue we subject ourselves to?

We would argue no, it isn't worth all that pain. We've thought long and hard about the problem at hand - how to protect our eyes when they need it, because blue light protection isn't something we need all the time.

That's how we came up with Chemistrie Blue. We need an on-demand solution for filtering and reflecting the blue light emitted by our phones and computers and tablets, and that's exactly what Chemistrie Blue is.

By incorporating a special blue light filtering and reflecting technology into an anti-reflective coating on our ultra-thin HiVex clip lenses, we've created a way for prescription glasses wearers to protect their eyes from blue light when they need it. Chemistrie Blue is ideal for anyone who works in an office setting or spends hours in front of a computer each day.
Posted: Friday, June 19, 2015
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