What is Chemistrie?
Chemistrie magnetic lenses aren’t your typical clip on lenses. These custom made layers attach via small magnets embedded into the periphery of a patient’s prescription lenses.

Chemistrie magnetic lenses offer an on-demand solution to a number of visual issues faced by prescription glasses wearers by offering added protection or assistance based on a patient’s needs. Once the magnets are placed in the prescription lenses, any number of Chemistrie lenses may be used!

So what’s the benefit of offering Chemistrie in your office?

Chemistrie magnetic lenses are a great alternative to traditional second or third pairs and are ideal for patients who are one the go or need multiple types of lenses in a day. Since Chemistrie lenses are custom cut to match the shape, size and base curve of a pair of prescription glasses to ensure a perfect fit every time. Whether your patients need sun protection or a little extra help reading or while on the computer, Chemistrie has a lens for them.

Want to know more? Follow the links to the left to check out our Chemistrie products or check back next week for a full explanation of some of our Chemistrie magnetic layer types!

Posted: Friday, May 29, 2015
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