Retail, Technology and the Optical Industry
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Many retailers are closing left and right across the United States due to large companies such as Amazon who are selling pretty much anything you could ever need online! So how can small, independent optical practices set themselves apart from the competition? Innovation and customization. These concepts have become the key to driving further growth.
In this day and age it is imperative that opticians are continually adding new advancements to their practice that help draw in new customers as well as maintain the needs of their current ones. Many companies are starting to sell all of their merchandise online, however that can be problematic, particularly in the optical industry.

Alas, we found a solution that gives every patient a chance to create a custom frame and try them on before purchasing. We have partnered with Netherlands-based company, Roger Bacon which uses innovative technology and customization options to create exceptional frames for every patient.

Roger Bacon uses a mobile application to take precise measurements of a patient's face and head to create a 3D, 360-degree scan. Once the scan is complete, the image is projected onto the LCD Roger Bacon display which allows patients to virtually try on any Roger Bacon frame style in any color. There are over 30 styles of one-of-a-kind frames within the collection, which are all available in 10 distinct colors and three different lens sizes. 

After your patient finds the perfect pair of frames, the glasses are created using 3D printing methods with the precise measurements and personalized style options. The process takes approximately four weeks to complete from the starting time of creation to when the glasses are actually picked up at the practice. 

If you are interested in learning for to become a retailer of Roger Bacon, feel free to contact us at

16 New Frame Styles Available NOW!
Wednesday, September 05, 2018
At Chemistrie, we are always looking to create products that keep your customers coming back for more! To ensure that happens, we have recently released 16 new, fun and unique frames that we know your patients will love!

Frame styles range from fierce cat eyes, to the classic rounded square, to modern rounded lenses. Each new frame style is offered in three vibrant, eye-catching colors that you won't see anywhere else! With so many options to choose from, your patients will want them all! The newest collection of frames are made from premium acetate or stainless steel to provide you with the highest quality product on the market. 

Each frame from the new collection pairs perfectly with every any type of Chemistrie Clip. Whether you're looking for a sun, reader, 3D or blue light filtering clip, we have a frame that will match seamlessly!
If you are interested in selling Chemistrie frames or clips in your practice, please contact your local representative! For all other questions, contact Eyenavision at or 888-321-3939.

Benefits of Computer Eye Wear!
Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Do you sit in front of your computer screen during the work day or regularly binge watch the latest
Netflix originals? We do too, don't worry! Since so much of our daily lives revolve around mobile
devices, we continually expose our eyes to harmful blue light. To help compensate for some of the
damage, Eyenavision has created Chemistrie Blue, a blue light blocking clip, as well as single vision,
blue light filtering reader, ChemTech.

Besides keeping our eyes healthy, there are several benefits to the usage of computer glasses, but
first, let's talk about why blue light is harmful and how it can cause computer vision syndrome (CVS)
and digital eye strain (DES).

Blue light is located on the end of the electromagnetic spectrum and produces a very short wavelength
which creates rays that are full of energy. Sunlight is the main source of blue light, however it can also
be found in man made devices such as cellphones, tablets, TV and laptops.

Too much exposure to the blue light can cause digital eye strain, otherwise known as computer vision
syndrome. Digital eye strain describes a group of eye and vision related problems that result from
prolonged digital device usage. The more screen time leads to increased amounts of discomfort,
which is very common for individuals who spend approximately 7-8 hours a day in front of a screen.

Benefits of Computer Glasses

1. Blue Light Filtering:
Blue light can be extremely harmful to the eyes. It can cause issues with eye strain, your sleep cycle
but can also be the root of oracular degeneration. Our computer lenses are created with a special
coating which helps reflect blue light from entering your eyes.

2. Better posture:
Due to the discomfort from your eyes, there is a natural tendency to hunch or lean towards the screen
in hopes to fix the discomfort. Computer glasses help provide clearer vision from a further distance
which allows you to sit up straight and reduce strain in the back and neck.

3. Better eye focus
You may have difficulty changing focus from your screen, to your keyboard and back after extended
hours of screen usage. The lens powers in computer glasses helps keep the eyes in focus and gives
you the largest field of view. Plano options are also available if you don’t need glasses or wear

4. Reducing computer vision symptoms:
Red eye, discomfort, disturbed sleep patterns and back and neck problems are common symptoms
associated with CVS. Instead of leaning and hunching over to be able to better see the contents of
your screen, computer glasses provide more clarity from a further distance. This also helps reduce
the overall discomfort that eyes feel due to the bright screen.  

Chemistrie Blue
Chemistrie Blue are designed to ease the discomfort caused by hours of screen usage by filtering out
a portion of high-energy violet and blue light that is emitted through device screens. Each clip is also
custom made and can virtually fit any frame and can turn any pair of glasses into computer glasses,
even progressives!


Made with Eyenavision's prescription quality clear 1.56 index lenses with a special anti-reflective
coating to combat the blue light that is emitted through devices. All four ChemTech frames are offered
in single vision intermediate distance powers from +.25 to +3.00 and plano.

Featured Retailer of the Week: Springboro Eye Care
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Springboro Eye Care jumped on the chance to become a featured retailer of Chemistrie! We spoke with Judy from the practice where she spoke so highly of Chemistrie Clips! 

Question 1: How long have you been in business? 

Judy has been in the optical business for 25 years now. However, Dr. Huelsman opened his first practice in 1993. Then in October of 2003, he took over another practice from a former doctor which is currently Springboro Eye Care.

Question 2: What drew you into the optical business?

Judy started off in the optical business when she decided to respond to an ad in a local newspaper for a job as a receptionist at an optical chain. After learning the ins and outs of the business, she decided to pursue a career in the optometry field and is now a licensed optician.

Question 3: How do you market the Chemistrie Clip?

Within the practice, they display the Chemistrie Clip profit tower on top of the dispensing table which allows the doctors to demonstrate how easy Chemistrie Clips are to use while the patients are waiting to get their glasses fitted. By placing the display in an accessible area, customers are more exposed to the product and inquire about the clips. 

Question 4: How does your business get involved in the community?

In the past, the practice has involved themselves in the community by having booths at local festivals or programs around the town. Additionally, Dr. Huelsman has sponsored several local sports teams around the Springboro area! 

Question 5: What's something fun about the town where you are located?

Springboro has a great historical downtown district! The town also has ties to the Underground Railroad

Question 6: What is some feedback you have received from your customers about the Chemistrie products?

Although they are a newer retailer of Chemistrie, all of the feedback they've received from their patients thus far has been positive! Judy loves her clip and says how wonderfully the lab edged her lenses in her mother's 1981 "vintage" drill mount and discusses how well her mirror sun clip matches with the frame! 

Thank you to Springboro Eye Care for being a retailer of Chemistrie and taking the time to speak with us regarding the impact the clips have already made on your company! 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a featured retailer on our blog and social media pages, please reach us at

Fichte Endl and Elmer Eyecare: Featured Retailer of the Week!
Thursday, June 28, 2018
This week we are excited to spotlight Fichte Endl and Elmer Eyecare as our Featured Retailer of the Week! We spoke to Gordan Sage about his practice and how their customers are loving the Chemistrie Clips. They are located in Buffalo, NY and have some serious pride for their city! Check out our interview below!

Question 1: How long have you been in business? 

Gordan has been an optometrist for 22 years, however the practice has been in business for 15 years now. Before Gordon came onto the scene, Fichte Endl and Elmer Eyecare was strictly a refractive practice. When the partner decided to expand the practice to a general ophthalmology office, Gordon was hired to run the optical practice. 

Image result for fichte elmer endl eyecare

Question 2: What drew you into the optical business?

In his younger years, Sage played on his high school basketball team where one of his teammates, father was his optician. After high school, he joined the Marines for six years and once his service was complete, he decided he needed a career. After being interested by the work of his optometrist, he pursued optometry as his field of work. 

Question 3: How do you market the Chemistrie Clip?

At his practice, they advertise the Chemistrie Sun Lens System on their Facebook page to show the many great features of the product to their followers. Additionally, the employees at Fichte Endl and Elmer Eyecare wear Chemistrie products while at work to help promote the brand! 

Question 4: How does your business get involved in the community?

"Our business is all over the community," states Gordon. The practice enjoys getting involved at all types of local events such as 5k runs, concerts, tennis tournaments, community health fairs and local charities. Also, each month the employees from the practice give lectures on the importance of taking care of your eyes. 

Question 5: What is something fun about the town where you are located?

The people within the community LOVE their sports teams! Buffalo is home to the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo sports fans are truly dedicated, die-hard fans which makes the city unique!

Question 6: What is some feedback you have received from your customers about the Chemistrie products? 

The response from the Chemistrie Clips has been outstanding in their practice! Customers love the convenience and look of the product so much, they even send in their friends to purchase a clip! by Fichte Endl and Elmer if you're in the Buffalo Area to learn more about Chemistrie and to check out the practice! 

If you are interested in becoming a featured retailer of Chemistrie, feel free to reach out to us at to learn more! 

College Optical Express: Featured Retailer of the Week!
Monday, June 18, 2018
This week we spoke with Raymond Castro from College Optical Express at Florida International University. Raymond has been working in the optical industry for many years and was excited to share his experiences with us! 

Question 1: How long have you been in business? 
College Optical Express has been in business at Florida International University since January of 2015, however, Raymond has been in the optical business for a majority of his life. He received his Florida Optician License in 1998 and his ABOC and NCLEC in 1996. 

Question 2: What drew you into the optical business?
Since the age of three, Raymond Castro has been wearing prescription glasses. Unlike most kids his age, he always liked the wearing his glasses which sparked his interest in the optometry field. As this interest grew, he wanted to create eye wear for the "not-so-average" customer. 

Question 3: How do you market the Chemistrie Clip?

At College Optical Express, they have displays on-site that demonstrate how Chemistrie Clips works. Raymond loves watching "the shock and awe" customers have once they try on the products and see how easy the clips are to use. Their customer's are even more amazed when they find out that not only can they connect clips to any of the Chemistrie frames that are sold at the practice, but that they can purchase clips that are can be fit to their current Rx frames! 

Question 4: How does your practice get involved in the community?
Due to its location, College Optical Express is highly involved on the Florida International University campus. Their involvement includes tailgates, sporting events along with participating in other campus activities. Raymond was recently featured in the FIU Alumni Magazine as one of their "Unsung Heroes" because of his voluntary participation in helping individuals who were misplaced by Hurricane Irma and Maria. After the hurricanes, Castro showed up to the practice to check and see if the store had sustained any hurricane damage. He ended up cleaning, adjusting and repairing glasses that were damaged by the storm. He also spent his time, conversing with bed-ridden occupants at the FIU shelter. These are just a few of the ways College Optical Express has given back to it's community!

Question 5: What is something fun about the town where you are located?
College Optical Express is located in the heart of Miami! "The city is the epitome of fun and culture," Raymond says. Additionally, since his practice is located inside one of the four largest universities in the United States and the second largest university in the state of Florida, they are exposed to a variety of cultures and all walks of life. Contrary to popular belief, College Optical Express does not exclusively serve the faculty, staff and students from FIU, but they are also open to the public!

Question 6: What is some feedback you have received from your customers about the Chemistrie products?
According to Raymond, the feedback he has received from customers has been phenomenal! Due to the technology and the ease of the product, Chemistrie products are generating plenty of "word of mouth" advertising on the behalf of College Optical Express. Additionally, some of their customers are progressive wearers and use more than one monitor each day and therefore complain about the eye strain. College Optical Express makes these individuals a set of "intermediate blue blocker" clips which solves their problems without having to buy a second pair of computer glasses. After their customers see how beneficial the computer glasses can be, they generally purchase a second pair of Polarized Sun Clips too! Lastly, since they do have a complete finishing lab onsite, they are able to produce the Chemistrie Clips for their customer's in less than an hour! This is a great selling point for any customers who want to buy replacements or additional colors for the sake of variety! 

Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us Raymond! If you are in the Miami Area, head to College Optical Express at Florida International University to learn more about Chemistrie! If you are interested in becoming a featured retailer of Chemistrie, feel free to reach out to us at

Eye Associates of Little River: Featured Retailer of the Week!
Friday, May 18, 2018
This week we had a chance to speak with Micheal Vagnoni from the Eye Associates of  Little River located in Little River, South Carolina. We asked him how Chemistrie Clips are making a difference in the lives of their patients! 

Question 1: How long have you been in business? 

Eye Associates of Little Rock has been in business since October 9th, 2006. They are amazed at how much the practice has grown over the years and excited to see what the future holds for the business! 

Question 2: What drew you into the optical business?

Lead doctors, Dr. Sandy and Dr. Jason, were drawn to the optical business because it allowed them to care of patients without having to spend long weekends in the hospital like normal physicians. However, due to their success and many years in practice, this is no longer the case. They are now affiliated with with a local hospital which requires them to be on-call which is not a problem to them because the doctors love what they do and want to help their patients in any way possible! 

Question 3: How do you market the Chemistrie Clip?

At the Eye Associates of Little River, they market Chemistrie Clips as a bridge product for those customers who aren't quite ready to fully commit to a pair of prescription sun lenses. The Chemistrie clip is about half the price of a pair of sunglasses and is a more affordable way to get a stylish pair of prescription sun wear. 

Question 4: How does your business get involved in the community?

Their business does a lot of work with children around the area. Since their office is located in a low-income area, they donate optical exams and eye wear to children as a way to give back to the community. 

Question 5: What's something fun about the town where you are located?

Eye Associates of Little River is located very close to North Myrtle Beach. Due to their location, there are so many fun, outdoor activities to do in the area! Being so close to the beaches and the Intracoastal Waterway, there are plenty of opportunities for boating and fishing. Additionally, there are little islands off the coast of North Myrtle Beach that allow you to park your boat and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends!

Question 6: What is some feedback you have received from your customers about the Chemistrie products? 

The patients at Eye Associates of Little River love the Chemistrie Clips! They have said that they love the custom fit of the lens to match their current frame and also that they don't scratch their underlying lenses! Most of all though, they love how many options of polarization there are to choose from!

Thank you to the Eye Associates of Little River for taking the time to speak with us about the Chemistrie Clip and the benefits they bring to your patients and community! To stay up to date with their business and products, check out their Facebook Page! 

Are you interested in becoming a feature Chemistrie Retailer? Please notify your local
Chemistrie Sales Consultant, or contact us at